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We invest heavily in building & maintaining integrations & our open APIs. You can add or remove these at anytime! 🤜🤛

Website hosting & SSL

$30 per domain

  • Hosting & SSL
USD total per month
Booking website live chat

$2 per domain

  • Intercom
  • Live Chat
USD total per month
Dynamic pricing

$50 per connected account

  • PriceLabs
  • Beyond Pricing
USD total per month
Smart home automation

$25 per connected account

  • Lynx
  • Operto
  • Point Central
  • Kaba
USD total per month
Travel insurance

$0 per connected account

  • CSA/Generali (Included!)
  • RentalGuardian (Coming soon!)
USD total per month
Competitive data

$25 per connected account

  • Key Data Dashboard
  • Transparent (Coming soon!)
  • AirDNA (Coming soon!)
USD total per month
Maintenance automation

$15 per connected account

  • Breezeway
  • VRscheduler
  • Properly (Coming soon!)
USD total per month
Analytics & event tracking

$5 per domain

  • Google Analytics
  • GTag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
USD total per month
Direct public API keys

$15 per API key

  • External websites
  • External apps
USD total per month
Know what you’re paying

Forecast with precision

Liberate your business from exorbitant revenue-share fees assessed by third-party channel managers and core platforms that aren’t working on your business as hard as you are. With Direct, you can budget core software costs efficiently with less question marks on the balance sheet. We’ll provide a clean, itemized bill every month, and you can scale up or down anytime.

Average Monthly Billing Estimate
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Total Billed per Month
USD per unit per month

For ambitious operators who are ready to take the business to the next level.

  • +1.9% per transaction
  • License entire product suite
  • Interactive product tours
  • How-to's & help articles
  • Chat & email support only
USD per unit per month

For sophisticated operators with a non-trival unit count that is growing.

  • +0.9% per transaction
  • License entire product suite
  • Interactive product tours
  • How-to's & help articles
  • Chat, phone & email support
USD per unit per month

For established operators looking to continue scaling operations, but with greater efficiency.

  • +0.75% per transaction
  • License entire product suite
  • Interactive dashboard tours
  • How-to's & help articles
  • Chat, phone & email support
Let's chat.

For large-scale operators with 201+ units, high booking volume, or unique business models.

  • Save big on soft costs
  • No increase to legacy budget
  • Rate locked in during term
  • Dedicated team, 24/7 support
  • Custom feature development

Plan costs do not include onboarding fees, or costs to connect to integrated third-party partners (“Add-Ons”).

Monthly per unit fixed costs are billed is based on the maximum number of units entered into the system during each 30-day billing period. When unit counts enter a new Plan threshold, your subsequent monthly bill we have additional charges or refunds prorated.

Migrate efficiently

Get up and running in weeks, not months

Custom-built tools enable rapid data integration at all stages of growth, from initial implementation to onboarding of acquired assets. Implementation costs are collected upfront, and vary based on levels of effort required.


different types of extracted data sets importable.

< 4

weeks on average to onboard our clients.


dedicated implementation representatives.


average onboarding hours saved per customer.

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